Our Story

Our Story

Supa Coffee started in 2018 as a passion project of friends..

Hyeyoung, a media executive boss babe by day, Mom of 2 girls and 3 fur babies by night.
CJ, a self-care/fitness/Peloton riding Urgent Care doctor, professional bruncher with a passion for strong espresso.

Together with Oscar & Eric (Hip Hop fans extraordinaire and serial entrepreneurs), the Supa dream team got to work.
Our baby location on Pico & Robertson was initially just a humble neighborhood mom and pop coffee shop, supplying an underserved coffee-lover community colonized by a giant Starbucks across the street. But boy, going head to head against the evil mermaid coffee shop was no walk in the park.

Luckily, we stuck it through the global pandemic and many difficult startup years- due to support of our loyal fans and customers.

Supa Coffee serves artisanal coffee, tea and drinks daily.

We curate a selection of fine goods that showcase minority-owned, women-owned and locally owned businesses.

We are located in West Los Angeles, right in the heart of kosher corridor, one of LA’s most diverse and tragically hip up and coming neighborhoods.

Here we are, years later, still standing and loving the neighborhood more and more. Today we are fully realized as a coffee, convenience, fine foods store; a community-first space where joy, snacks, drinks, hip hop and fun people come together.

We proudly feature women-owned, minority-owned, LA based products and makers.

We carry the best unexpected gifts and treats, bump sick music and host a bevy of interesting pop up events.

Heck, we’re even pet-friendly and a fan destination for many local celebrity dogs. At Supa, joy is at the core of what we do.



At SUPA, joy is at the core of what we do. Joy is created by uplifting interaction, building community and fun.

Incomparable customer service
We want every customer who walks through our doors to be treated like a welcomed guest and valued friend. We strive to be a place “where everybody knows your name, and we’re always glad you came.” Furry friends are adored and catered to as well!
Unique drinks and products
SUPA drinks are ever-evolving. We are inspired by everything from the communities that we serve, the seasons & holidays, and what is trending. That is why you will find unique drinks such as Miso Caramel Lattes for Lunar New Year to fresh mint-muddled Mojito Cold Brews to refresh you in the summer to Champurrado Lattes during the holidays (because nothing says Christmas in LA like the taste of Champurrado!).
Incomparable customer service
Community –SUPA was created to share, celebrate, and uplift the beautifully multi-faceted culture and communities of Los Angeles.
SUPA sources only the finest Arabica coffee beans and products. Our coffee beans are roasted in small batches by master roasters on Whidbey Island, off the coast of Seattle, WA. Our syrups are the highest quality, imported from France, so they are rich in flavor but not overly sweet. Our pastries are from 2 of the best bakeries in Los Angeles and are women-owned. Try one of our Ube, Matcha or Thai Tea Crinkle Cookies. The real butter and fusion of Asian flavors will have you hooked.
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SUPA’s goal is to be a place of fun for customers and team members, every day. Where else can you grab a layered iced latte with vibrant blue hibiscus tea, chomp on Korean Calic Bread (don’t hold the garlic!) and pick up a DJ scratching-turntable for your cat, all in one stop?!
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We achieve this by:
1. Treating everyone equally with respect and warm hospitality 2. Offering unique multi-culturally inspired drinks and retail products 3.Partnering with local and or diverse entrepreneurs, offering them a platform for business
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Mission Statement

“Our mission at SUPA is to be your happy place. We strive to bring joy to our customers’ day through our exceptional service, one-of-a-kind products, and unique atmosphere.”

At SUPA, we are genuinely happy to see customers and take interest in their day. Our customers come to SUPA not only to fuel up and stock up but also to interact with our team members. We build relationships with our customers and every visit fills both the customers’ and team members’ souls.
Curated Product Selection
We aim to be a place of discovery and delight. Every time you walk into SUPA, there are new and fun products. Our products are carefully curated because they spark joy (think glitter bath balms and Bad Bunny air fresheners), shares our love of Asian flavors (we’ll help you navigate the world of chili oils and Japanese BBQ) and or elevates the incredible entrepreneurs in our community.
The second you walk into SUPA, you know you are going to have fun. You’ll hear 90’s Hip-Hop (the best music ever!), be greeted with a huge smile, and feel like a kid in a candy store.
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