Kennel One Water Bottle Crackler Toy Squeaker Dog Toy


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Kennel One Water Bottle Crackler Toy

For the cultured canine that never wants the pawty to end! Our Kennel One Vodka Bottle Crackler Toy provides the ultimate thrill by both crackling and squeaking thanks to the replaceable inner water bottle. Keep the fun going once your pup wears out the water bottle inside: simply open the velcro closure at the bottom, slide out the old water bottle, and replace it with a fresh, crackling new one! We want Fido to have his fun right away, so we even include a water bottle in the box.
And to keep the pawty going even longer, our Water Bottle Crackler toy features a durable mesh lining to stand up to aggressive chewers.

Measures 10” x 4.5” x 3”

This product is individually packaged in a polybag. All Haute Diggity Dog Products include a hangtag that displays the HDD logo and UPC barcode.


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