Work Out Dumbbell Tote Bag & Dog Toy Set


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· Pink dumbbell shaped, squeaky dog toy featured paw print details on each side
· Matching white tote bag reads “wake up, work out, look got for my dog” in a pink and black design featuring two small pawprints
· Let your dog join you in your workout with some gym gear of their very own, they’ll love having fun and being included and you’ll love seeing how adorable they look doing it
· When playtime is over, store your pups treats and toys in the tote bag or take it to the gym to show off your love for your best friend
· Tote Dimensions: 13.46” W x 14.76” H + 7.9” Handle; Toy Dimensions: 6.85” L x 4.05” W x 4.05” H

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